SD 61 Accessibility Act

In accordance with the Accessible B.C. Act, GVSD 61 wants your input and feedback on accessibility. We are committed to identifying and addressing barriers to accessibility – from physical environments to attitudinal barriers. Your feedback will be shared with the GVSD Accessibility Advisory Group and Working Group, and considered as we draft the new Greater Victoria School District Accessibility Plan. Thank you for sharing!

Accessibility Feedback Form

Under the Accessible British Columbia Act, the Greater Victoria School District will form an Accessibility Advisory Group, effective September 2023 and throughout the 2023-24 school year. The role of the advisory group will be to advise the school district in its development of an accessibility plan that includes identifying, preventing, and removing barriers to accessibility that people with disabilities face within the school district.


The Greater Victoria School District Accessibility Advisory Group will consist of 10-12 members. Membership will follow the structure outlined in the Accessible British Columbia Act:

  • At least half the members are persons with disabilities (PWD), or individuals who support or are from organizations that support PWDs; 
  • At least one member is an Indigenous person; and 
  • Members reflect the diversity of people in B.C. 

Scope of Work:

Provide input into the development of an accessibility plan based on the principles of Equity, Inclusion, Diversity, Adaptability, Collaboration, Self-Determination, and Universal Design.

  • Provide input into the Greater Victoria School District’s barriers to accessibility, exploring the areas of physical, sensory, information and communication, systems and technology, and attitudinal issues.
  • Review feedback from the Greater Victoria School District’s Public Engagement forms.
  • Provide information to the Superintendent’s Office on the school district’s accessibility plan and its implementation.

Whether you’re passionate about accessibility or have valuable insight, express your interest in joining the advisory group and being a catalyst for change.

Application deadline is September 30, 2023.

Accessibility Advisory Group Application

Additional Information

Accessible B.C. Act (full Act)

Accessible B.C. Act (in force)

Accessible B.C. Regulation comes into force September 1, 2022

Plain Language summary of the Accessible B.C. Act

Timeline for implementation (PDF)

SD61 Contact for the Accessibility Advisory Group

Sean McCartney

District Principal Greater Victoria School District




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