Parent Education Fund

Parent Education Fund Application

Greater Victoria School District No. 61

2023-24 Request for Parent Education Funding


The Greater Victoria School District subscribes to the belief that BC public schools are learning communities where students, parents, educators, support staff and community members share the responsibility for student success.  Parents have insight, enthusiasm and skills as well as a commitment to their children and public schools that contributes to the success of all students.  By supporting parent education opportunities the Greater Victoria School District commits to supporting the key roles of parents in our school communities.

Funding Purpose:

Community connectedness can be measured by the extent to which people feel valued, supported, involved and engaged within their school.  The fund for the 2023-2024 school year is intended to support parent connectedness in their school communities through access to funding for parent education opportunities.


Parent Advisory Councils (PAC’s) within the Greater Victoria School District may apply for Parent Education Funding to support parent education opportunities.  Each individual PAC may apply for up to $250.  PAC’s may apply together to combine their grant funding request. Requests for funding will be reviewed and evaluated based on the merit of the request, viability of the plan, community impact, identified parent interests, financial need or alignment to school or district goals and initiatives.  Eligible expenses may include but are not limited to, workshop facilitator fees and honorariums; registration fees for parent education events; resources to support parent education; etc.

Applications for funding will be accepted once per year.  Preference will be given to applications received by Friday, November 3, 2023  Applicants will be advised as soon as possible of grant funding allocations.


Complete the 2023-2024-PEF-Application-Form and submit to Kelly Gorman, c/o Secretary-Treasurer’s Office ( Preference will be given to applications received by Monday November 6, 2023.




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