Collective Agreements

Allied Specialists Association

Allied Specialists Association is made up of Speech and Language Pathologists, Psychologists, Counsellors and other district specialists who are not covered by CUPE or GVTA collective agreements.

ASA Contract

CUPE 947 (Clerical, Student Support & Information Technology)

CUPE Local 947 is made up of school and student assistants, clerical and administrative support staff, and technical support staff.

CUPE 947 Collective Agreement 2019-2022

Practice Tests

CUPE 382 (Maintenance & Operations)

CUPE Local 382 is made up primarily of District tradespeople and custodial staff.

CUPE 382 Collective Agreement 2019-2022

Exempt Staff

Exempt Staff – This group represents administrative staff who work at the School Board Offices.

Greater Victoria Teachers’ Association

Greater Victoria Teachers’ Association is made up of all teachers and teachers-on-call in the District.

Collective Agreement
(Provincial Collective Agreement between British Columbia Public School Employers’ Association and Greater Victoria Teachers’ Association/British Columbia Teachers’ Federation)

New Collective Agreement pending finalization

GVTA Collective Agreement – Working Document

Victoria Principals & Vice-Principals Association

Victoria Principals and Vice-Principals’ Association is made up of all principals and vice-principals in the district.


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