Contact Information for Teachers and Teachers Teaching on Call

Contacts for Teachers and Teachers Teaching on Call

Who do I contact for…?

ServiceEmail ContactPhone Contact
Demographics ChangesLuciano Biscottini250.475.4209
Employment Verification LettersHuman Resource Services 250.475.4191
Leave of Absence - Medical Courtney Askew250.475.4163
Leave of Absence -Non-medicalRobyn Bowden250.475.4122
Payroll: Benefits, Pensions, ROEs, T4sPayroll and Benefits250.475.4168
Porting Seniority or Sick LeaveHuman Resource Services250.475.4229
PostingsDianne Senick250.475.4119
QualificationsRobyn Bowden250.475.4122
Salary IncrementsHuman Resource Services250.475.4229
Staff Change NotificationsHuman Resource Services250.475.4175
Teaching ExperienceHuman Resource Services250.475.4229
TQS and TRBDianne Senick250.475.4119
Teachers Teaching on CallDianne Senick250.475.4119
Worker's Compensation (WCB)Melissa Pledger250.475.4192

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