Anti-Racism Action Plan

Anti-Racism Action Plan

The Greater Victoria School District is committed to nurturing each student’s learning and well-being in a safe, responsive, and inclusive learning community. This includes acknowledging that Indigenous, Black, and people of colour may face inequity within the current education system and that action must be taken to build more inclusive and equitable learning environments.

In January 2023, the B.C. government launched the provincial K-12 Anti-Racism Action Plan to support school districts in their commitment to anti-racism initiatives in their school communities. The Action Plan is a multi-year framework meant to directly address racism in education and includes six priority areas of action: Community Voice, Removing Barriers, Raising Awareness, Collaborative Change, Capacity Building, and School Support.

The plan empowers students and staff to take action to address acts of racism and discrimination at school. The ultimate goal of the action plan is to dismantle systemic racism and create school communities that welcome and support people of all backgrounds.

Download the K-12 Anti-Racism Action Plan here.

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