Facility Rentals


Update: November 24, 2022

Note: SD61 Rentals Department will be closed as of November 28, 2022. We will reopen on December 7, 2022. For urgent requests, please contact 250-920-3400. Non-urgent emails to rentals@sd61.bc.ca will be address when the office re-opens.

Previous Update – December 8, 2020

Due to COVID-19, rentals are restricted and require appropriate approval. 

The Facility Rentals Department of the Board of Education of School District No. 61 (Greater Victoria) is responsible for administering the rental of school facilities to internal and external clients.  All requests to book facilities or grounds of schools must go through the Facility Rentals Department.  School staff is not permitted to make arrangements with rental groups, either internal or external, without informing the Rentals Department and following the facility rentals process.

Due to safety concerns, nut and nut products, shellfish and latex (e.g. balloons) are common allergens and pose a significant health risk to students and community members. Permit holders are requested to refrain from bringing these materials into District facilities.

The use of alcohol and tobacco or smokeless tobacco products is not permitted in or on any School District property including private vehicles on school property.  Breach of this requirement will be grounds for the School District to cancel the group’s access to District property.

Booking Information

Schools and District users receive first priority on booking facilities and grounds.  Users are then accommodated in the following order: joint-use agreements and community.

In June schools plan their programs for the upcoming school year.  During July and August school programs are entered into the rentals system.  Commencing in August the Rentals Department begins to process permits for the community.  The months of September, December and June may be limited for community rentals due to the number of school related activities.

Upon receipt of a completed Rental Application package, the Rentals Department will confirm that the booking time(s) requested does not conflict with any District, school or other rental bookings or with any site maintenance.  The Rentals Department will contact you should there be any conflicts with the request.

Upon completion of the facility agreement, the Rentals Department will contact you.



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