Late French Immersion

What are the goals of the Late French Immersion Program?

The Late Immersion Program enables students to:

  • achieve levels of learning in all subject areas equivalent to the English Program;
  • become functionally bilingual, that is: to participate comfortably in French and English conversations;
  • possess the requirements that would allow them to pursue further education appropriate to their abilities and interests, with French as the language of instruction;
  • accept employment where the working language is French;
  • gain insight into the common attitudes and values of French-speaking communities.

For registration information please visit Late French Immersion Registration.
For registration dates please visit Important Dates.


Where is Late French Immersion available?

Arbutus Middle School2306 Edgelow Street V8N 1R5250-477-18786-8
Central 1280 Fort Street250-386-35916-8
Lansdowne Middle School1765 Lansdowne Road V8P 1A7250-598-33366-8
Shoreline Middle School2750 Shoreline Drive V9B 1M6250-386-83676-8


How much French is used?

In Grade 6, 80 to 100% French is used. English may be used at the outset to establish routines. English is used only if necessary in exceptional situations after this.
Similar programs throughout British Columbia and Canada, as well as research by a Simon Fraser University team, have shown acquisition of French is rapid and that there is no loss in achievement levels in other subject areas.


How can I learn more about the Late French Immersion Program?

More information about the Late French Immersion Program and the registration process can be found here:


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