School Catchment Boundaries

What is a catchment boundary?

Every school in the Greater Victoria School District has a catchment boundary. A catchment boundary determines which students in a geographical area are eligible to attend a specific school. More specifically, each residential address in the District is linked to a school catchment.

  • To determine your English school catchment by address or postal code please use our School Locator Tool.
  • To determine your French immersion catchment school, please use the look up tool available on the School Locator information page.
  • For more information about registration please visit, Registration Information.
  • To review all English catchment boundaries, please use our interactive Catchment Boundary Map.

Please read these notes before using this catchment boundary map:

  • Layers – There are 3 catchment grade configuration layers available in this map: Elementary, Middle and Secondary. Please use a single catchment layer at a time for clarity.
  • Zooming – Use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ controls on the upper-left of the screen to zoom in and out, or use the mouse wheel.
  • Panning – Left mouse-click and drag anywhere on the screen to pan.
  • School Labels – Some school labels will not be visible until the user zooms in.
  • SD61 School Locator – The catchment boundaries on the map may not be exact. Refer to SD61 School Locator for a more precise lookup confirmation.
  • Sooke SD62 – Only a portion of the SD62 borders are shown for reference in relation to Greater Victoria SD61. Refer to SD62 School Locator for more information about SD62 boundaries.


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