Purchasing Services

Purchasing Services is responsible for all public fund procurement for the Greater Victoria School District. Reporting to the Associate Secretary-Treasurer, the role of the department is to manage the procurement process to ensure the continuity of supply, ethical business practices, easy and cost effective access to goods and services for our customers, and foster a competitive marketplace.

  • management of the District quotation/tender/proposal process;
  • contract administration process;
  • contract negotiations;
  • purchasing card program;
  • processing and expediting orders;
  • supplier development and certification;
  • market research;
  • cooperative and group procurement initiatives;
  • monitoring and evaluating supplier and customer service.


The Greater Victoria School District is a proud member of the Greater Victoria Joint Purchasing Group (GVJPG). The purpose of the GVJPG is to increase the purchasing power of the individual members by obtaining lowered prices through increased collective volumes and contract administration. There are currently nineteen members including eleven municipalities, four School Districts, two Universities, one College and one Public Library. The GVJPG meet every second month beginning September of each year, second Tuesday of the month, at the Greater Victoria School District Administration Building.

Please direct inquiries and comments to: purchasing@sd61.bc.ca


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