Records Available Without an Access Request

Consistent with its obligations under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (“FIPPA”), the Greater Victoria School District supports openness and transparency with its stakeholders and members of the community. The following categories of records have been established by the School District under section 71(1) of the FIPPA as appropriate for disclosure to the public without the need to file an access request.

CategoryLocationNature of InformationTargeted Release Date
Agendas and Minutes for Board Meetings, Operations Policy and Planning Committee Meetings and Education Policy and Directions Committee MeetingsBoard and Committee Meetings Agendas and MinutesMaterials related to public committee and board meetingsFollowing ratification
Board Meeting MotionsBoard Meeting MotionsApproved motions from previous board meetingsFollowing ratification
COVID-19 UpdatesCOVID-19 UpdatesCOVID-19 UpdatesUpdates provided as necessary
School Enrolment NumbersSchool Enrolment NumbersSchool Enrolment Numbers as verified by the Ministry of EducationFollowing verification from the Ministry of Education each Fall
Board of Education Policies, Regulations and BylawsPolicies, Regulations and BylawsPolicies, Regulations and Bylaws developed by the Board of EducationFollowing ratification
Board of Education’s Governance Framework and Annual Work PlanGovernance Framework and Annual Work PlanBoard of Education’s Governance Framework and annual plans and meetingsPrior to each new school year
Financial InformationFinancial InformationAnnual Budget and financial informationOn or before June 30th of each school year
Facilities InformationReportsWater Quality Testing Results and Seismic ReportsUpon updates occurring
PlansPlansStrategic Plan and District Operational PlansAs updated
Provincial and District ReportsProvincial and District ReportsReports submitted to the Ministry of EducationAs required
Statement of Financial InformationSD 61 SOFI ReportInformation prepared under the Financial Information ActUpon filing
Public Sector Senior Executive Compensation Disclosure StatementsPublic Sector Executive Compensation Disclosure StatementsPublic sector Senior Executive Compensation Disclosure StatementsUpon filing

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Employee Manuals, Instructions and Guidelines Available Without an Access Request

CategoryLocationNature of Information
Recognition of DignitariesRecognition of DignitariesAdministrative Procedures
Job DescriptionsCUPE 382 Job
Job Descriptions/Qualifications for CUPE 382 positions
Job DescriptionsCUPE 947 JobDescriptions/QualificationsJob Descriptions/Qualifications for CUPE 947 positions
QualificationsGVTA Teacher QualificationsJob Qualifications for GVTA/teaching positions
CUPE 382 ContractCUPE 382 ContractCUPE 382 Contract/Collective Agreement
CUPE 947 ContractCUPE 947 ContractCUPE 947 Contract/Collective Agreement
GVTA ContractGVTA ContractGVTA Contract/Collective Agreement
ASA ContractASA ContractASA Contract/Collective Agreement
Information for New ApplicantsInformation for New ApplicantsInformation for New Applicants
Information for New TeachersNew Teachers/Teacher On Call Handbook Information for New Teachers & Teachers-on-call
Technology Information for New EmployeesTechnology Information for New EmployeesTechnology Information for New Employees/New Employee Guide
Forms and TestsForms and TestsForms & Tests
Health & Safety InformationHealth & Safety InformationHealth & Safety Information
Board of Education Policies, Regulations and BylawsDistrict Policies, Regulations and BylawsPolicies, Regulations & Bylaws relative to the operations of the school district

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