Registration – FAQ

Registration – Frequently Asked Questions

When do students enter Early Immersion?
Students may enter Early French Immersion in Kindergarten or Grade 1.

How do we register in Early Immersion?
To register for Immersion Kindergarten or Grade 1, register online for your French Immersion catchment school. This may differ from your English catchment school.

What if we prefer to attend a school that is not our catchment school?
Register online for your French Immersion catchment school even if you prefer to attend elsewhere. Transfer Requests can be made at the time of your online registration.

Where do we register if we don’t reside in Greater Victoria School District?
Register online here: 

We are in a private Kindergarten. How do we register to enter Grade 1 Immersion?
Register online for your French Immersion catchment school. If you reside out of the district, register for your preferred school. All registration is online.

We are already in English Kindergarten in Greater Victoria School District and wish to enter Immersion for Grade 1. Do we register or do we apply for a student transfer during Student Transfer Week?
All students entering Immersion for the first time, Kindergarten or Grade 1, need to register online for their French Immersion catchment school. It is not necessary to also apply for a Student Transfer.

We are in English Kindergarten in Greater Victoria and are not attending our neighbourhood school. How do we determine our Immersion catchment school?
Your Immersion catchment school is determined based on your residential address.

What are the priorities for placement for families who register during registration week?
Early Immersion applicants (Kindergarten and Grade 1) are accepted according to the following priorities:

  1. re-enrolling students
  2. a catchment area sibling
  3. a catchment area child
    • 3.5 a non-catchment sibling impacted by a change to a catchment boundary
  4. a non-catchment sibling
  5. a non-catchment child
  6. a non-school district child

How is the order on the wait list determined?
Wait lists established during Early French Immersion registration week will be determined by school lottery. For more information:

Where do we register our Kindergarten or Grade 1 student if there is an older sibling attending a French Immersion school that is not our designated immersion catchment school?

If the older sibling will be in attendance for the following September, you have to register online for your catchment school and apply for transfer to the non-catchment school. You must register for your designated French Immersion catchment school.

For additional information on our schools or our Immersion programs, contact Sean Powell (250-475-4156).



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