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About School Locator:

Each student enrolled or looking to register in our District belongs to a school catchment. This means that each home address is associated with an elementary, middle and secondary English and French Immersion school.

The School Locator function provides a fast way for you to look up which school would be attended by school-age residents of any address in the District.

School Locator Tool:

While every attempt is made to provide accurate information, School Locator is undergoing continual change due to postal code restructuring and new building developments.

Given the dynamic changes that are occurring, discrepancies may appear for an address or new addresses may not be available. Issues such as these are being resolved and corrected as an ongoing part of site development.

In all cases, the District reserves final decision-making authority in determining the school catchment area for an address and accepts no liability for loss or inconvenience caused by exclusive reliance on the information presented. Use of School Locator implies acceptance of these conditions.

Use the school locator tool to determine your English catchment:

I accept the above conditions of use, take me to School Locator

Determining Your French Immersion Catchment School:

To determine your French Immersion catchment school, first identify your elementary English catchment school through the School Locator Tool. Use the drop down menu below to select your elementary English catchment school, this will identify your French Immersion catchment schools.

Each home address is associated with an elementary, middle and secondary school. To determine which schools are associated with a home address, visit the School Locator Tool. Type in the address and it will indicate which school students living at the address should attend.

Please note that your English and French Immersion catchments may vary because not all schools offer dual-track programs.

If you are applying for Late French Immersion, please note that we now host the district program in four locations: Arbutus Global, Central, Lansdowne and Shoreline Middle School. Using the locator below, please first identify your current, catchment English school. This will then identify your Late French Immersion catchment school. If your previous catchment French Immersion school was Cedar Hill, you will have the ability to transfer your child back to Cedar Hill in grade 8 (as an in-catchment child) when the Late French Immersion and the Early French Immersion classes are combined. Please note that with registration for Late French Immersion you are encouraged to select alternate Late French Immersion schools in case we reach capacity.

For more information about Late French Immersion please visit our Late French Immersion Registration site:









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