BCeID Accounts

What is a BCeID?

A BCeID is an electronic ID issued by the Government of British Columbia. It provides secure access to online government services. Individual citizens may have Personal BCeIDs, however, the government also issues Business BCeIDs to institutions—including school districts—to facilitate communication with various agencies and ministries.

I work with student data, do I need BCeID?

The Ministry of Education requires schools to communicate student achievement for students in Grades 8-12 using the Student Achievement Data Exchange (SADE) DX2 Application. BCeID credentials are required to access this government service application. If you are a school administrator, or office employee, who sends SADE reports to the provincial government then a BCeID is needed.

I need a BCeID to connect with services other than SADE, can you help me too?

The IT for Learning Department can help school district staff set up a BCeID account, and reset their password if necessary. We cannot connect individual BCeID accounts directly to the government ministries/services SD61 employees need to access, with the exception of SADE.


Do I have a BCeID? If not, how do I get one?

Most school administrators and their assistants already have a Business BCeID account through School District 61. New administrative staff who need a Business BCeID can request an account by submitting a Help Desk request. Navigate to: https://webhelpdesk.sd61.bc.ca and open a new ticket. Choose Accounts and File Services for the Request Type and BCeID Request in the second drop-down menu (see image). Staff who have moved to a different school can also request an update to their BCeID/SADE school access using this method.


For more information please contact Linda Hrycun, Administrative Assistant for the Information Technology for Learning Department:
Tel: (250) 475-4147
Email: lhrycun@sd61.bc.ca.

A printable version of this page is available here: BCeID.information.for.staff


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