School Calendar – FAQs

Calendar – Frequently asked Questions & Answers

Who sets the school calendar for each school year?

Local School Boards establish the school calendar. In 2012 changes to the Provincial School Calendar Regulation eliminated the standard school calendar which had previously been published by the Province. Since then Boards of Education establish local calendars for their school districts.

What is the process required by the School Act?

The School Calendar Regulation sets out the requirements for consultation and the specifications that each school calendar must meet. The proposed calendars must be publicly available for at least a month before submission each spring and parents of students in the school and representatives of school employees must have an opportunity to provide comments on the proposed calendar. Boards are required to submit their proposed school calendar to the Ministry by March 31st .

Does the School Act require a set number of days for each school year?

No, the Ministry does not set a minimum number of school days in each school year. The School Act does, however, set the minimum hours of instruction that must be offered to students. In a typical school year the minimum hours of instruction are: 853 hours for students in kindergarten, 878 hours for students in grades 1 to 7 and 952 hours of instruction for students in grades 8 to 12.

How is instructional time defined?

“Instruction” means the board approved provision of educational programs to students and includes the provision of work experience programs, exams and other learning activities provided by the board. Typically, instruction takes place during the regular school day.

How are vacations determined?

The placement of vacation dates are established after consultation with representatives of parents and school employees. Individuals are also encouraged to provide input on the calendar during the spring consultation process.


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