To register a student in any school, a parent or legal guardian must provide school-age eligibility, proof of Canadian citizenship and proof of residential address. To transfer schools, you must provide proof of residential address.

In order to complete an online application the following documentation will be requested for parents and guardians to upload.

School Age Eligibility and Citizenship

A student must reach five years of age by December 31st of the school year to be eligible for enrolment.

Documentation can include:

  • Child’s original Birth Certificate
  • Canadian Passport
  • Landed Immigrant authorization
  • Indigenous and Northern Affairs Status Card

Parents of children who are not Canadian Citizens or Landed Immigrants or do not have a birth certificate for their child are required to contact the International Student Program at 250.592.6871 prior to registration.

Proof of Residential Address

Every home address in the Greater Victoria School District is connected to a catchment school. Students must register at their catchment school.

To determine which schools are associated with a home address, visit the School Locator Tool. Type in the address and it will indicate which school the student should attend based on their living address.

For Home Owners

Current copies of the following documents are required:

Two of the following:

  • Purchase agreement of home
  • Recent Property Tax statement
  • Home owner’s insurance
  • Notice of Assessment (BC Assessment)
  • A purchase agreement (with subject removal and a deposit receipt if a recent purchase)

If a homeowner is able to only produce one of the above, they will be required to also produce two of the following:

  • Canadian bank or credit card statement
  • BC Vehicle registration
  • Income tax statement
  • Insurance documents

For Renters

The following documents are required:

  • A rental agreement signed by landlord with landlord’s contact phone number

In addition to the above, two of the following is required:

  • Canadian bank or credit card statement
  • BC Vehicle registration
  • Income tax statement
  • Renter Insurance documents

Note: Personal information other than address and full name can be redacted/removed with a black marker for privacy purposes.


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