Regulation 5147.1 Special Student Assistant Coverage for Level II Health Care Plan Special Needs Students

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The following guidelines have been developed in accordance with the “Inter-Ministerial Protocol Agreement – In-School Support for Special Needs Students” dated July 1991 (pg. 16) which is issued by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Services and Attorney General’s Office.  It also provides procedural support to Board Policy 5147 (Inclusion of Student with Special Needs).

The Inter-Ministerial Protocol states that when the trained Special Student Assistant is NOT available to perform the health care procedures which require student specific training and certification as defined in the Level II Individual Health Care Plan, a trained back-up Assistant is mandatory.  To achieve the best coverage and meet the Inter-Ministerial Protocol Agreement, the following guidelines are listed by priority and have been agreed to by representatives from the Capital Regional District (In-School Support Program), School Services and CUPE 947.



The following directives are listed by priority:

 I.   When an assignment for a student in a school is shared in hours by two regular Special Student Assistants (S.S.A.), those employees will both be trained and certified to perform the student specific health care procedures.


When a regular Special Student Assistant is assigned to the child with specific health care procedures as identified in the Health Care Plan, another regular Special Student Assistant at the same school will also be trained and certified as a back-up.  The in-school support program for any and all required training will be available to both assistants.  Whenever a spareboard S.S.A. is required for replacement coverage, that assistant will cover the regular back-up S.S.A. assignment (i.e. the child NOT on a Health Care Plan).  In order to maintain the required skill level, it is highly recommended that the regular back-up S.S.A. perform the specific health care procedures every four weeks or as outlined in the Health Care Plan.

II.    If the school is not able to place an on-site regular S.S.A. in the position then the junior S.S.A. employee at the school will be given a Lay-off notice and the position will be posted with the Health Care Plan training noted as a job requirement.

Note:  All vacancies requiring Health Care Plans are to be completed with the successful candidates identified by June 30 in order to ensure the proper training is completed by the first day of classes and the S.S.A. is certified.

III.       In emergency situations where no trained S.S.A. is available, the Principal will contact the parent or guardian.  If the parent or guardian is willing to provide the specific health care procedure, a spareboard S.S.A. will be assigned to the child for the non-medical duties.

IV.   After registration of students identified as requiring a Health Care Plan attendance may be delayed under Principal’s discretion as stated in Regulation 5147 {4 (c)} until a S.S.A. has been appointed and certified.


Greater Victoria School District

  • Approved:     January 23, 1995


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