Regulation 5131.3 Prohibition of Weapons in School

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A weapon is anything that is commonly used or designed to hurt someone or to put someone in fear. The Board policy thus concurs with the definition of a weapon in the Criminal Code of Canada, Section 82:

“weapon” means (a) anything used or intended for use in causing death or injury or not, or (b) anything used or intended for use the purpose of threatening or intimidating any person, and, without restricting the generality of the foregoing, includes any firearm as defined in Section 82.

Students (and parents) should be advised that weapons of any kind are prohibited on school premises and students who are found with knives, pellet guns, replicas of guns or other dangerous objects on their person, in tote bags, purses, or in their lockers will be subject to disciplinary action. As well, students and parents should be advised that carrying a concealed weapon is contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada. Anyone convicted of such a charge is liable to imprisonment. Students should be encouraged to take citizenship responsibility to report any violation of the weapons policy.

1. When a Principal, or Vice-Principal

has reasonable and probable grounds to believe that a student has:

(a) on either their person, or in a bag, locker or desk, a weapon, or

(b) displayed or brandished a weapon in threatening or intimidating manner, or

(c) assaulted another person with a weapon;

The Principal/Vice Principal shall:

• suspend the student for more than five (5) school days;

• remove the weapon when this can occur safely, at the discretion of the Principal/Vice-Principal;

• report the incident immediately to the police, the parent/guardian of the student and the Assistant Superintendent.


Policy 4302: Multiculturalism
Policy 5131.1: Discipline Policy 5131.2: Threats Policy 5131.7: Suspensions
Policy 5131.8: Police Questioning of Students
Bylaw 9330.1: Appeal Process

Greater Victoria School District
Approved: July, 1983
Revised:   August, 1993
Revised:   March 2019

Modification to this document is not permitted without prior written consent from the Greater Victoria School District.

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