Board Highlights – April 2023

The Board of Education Highlights provide updates and brief summaries of decisions made during the monthly Board Meetings. For more information, visit the District website to view the full agenda and videostream of the meeting:

Board Meeting Highlights – April 2023

Chair’s Report
The Board approved a motion to add the following items to the Board Work Plan:

  • Each December conduct an annual review of Appeal Bylaw 9331.1 which aligns with the Board’s obligation to review both the Appeal Bylaw and the associated feedback forms.
  • Each May review Ad Hoc Committees that may need to be concluded via Board motion.
  • Each June Trustees will provide the Board with a report pertaining to their work on Ad Hoc Committees during the year.

Operations Policy and Planning Committee
The Board approved a motion directing the Policy Sub Committee to recommend a policy and regulation on international student enrollment. The Policy Sub Committee will present their recommendations to the Education Policy and Directions Standing Committee in June of this year.

Letter of Advocacy
The Board directed the Board Chair to write a letter to the Minister of Education and Child Care, the Minister of Finance and the Premier advocating for additional funding.

School Year Calendars
The Board approved the 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 school calendars. The calendars are available on the District website at:

2023-2024 Special Academy Fees

The Board approved a motion to make available to the public, via the District website, the schedules of fees that have been approved by the Parents’ Advisory Council for the schools where the Board proposes to offer specialty academies.

Associate Superintendent Tom Aerts informed the Board that the motion is in accordance with Section 82.1 of the School Act, i.e., a Board may charge a student enrolled in a specialty academy fees relating to the direct costs incurred by the Board in providing the specialty academy that is in addition to the costs of providing a standard educational program.

2023-2024 Capital Plan Bylaw

The Board gave three readings of the Capital Plan Bylaw and passed it unanimously. The Board had received approval from the Ministry of Education and Child Care for their 2023/2024 Capital Plan and have now authorized the Secretary-Treasurer to start the process for completing the Ministry-approved capital projects in the plan.

The next Board meeting will be held on Monday, May 29, 2023.


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