District exhibits paintings from Historical Archives and Art Collection

The District is providing an update on its historical archives and art collection while showcasing some of the collections’ unique pieces. A sample of artwork and archives will be on display in the Operations Policy and Planning Committee meeting on September 18, 2017.

Over the years, the Historical Archives made up of photographs, yearbooks and records have been an educational resource for teachers and students in our District. It is now the intention to find a permanent home for the historical records to ensure they are available to all members of the community, supporting public education and lifelong learning.

The District has also completed an inventory of all the pieces in the Art Collection. The last inventory was done in 1983 and a partial update was completed between 2005-2007. It has been a continual effort to preserve pieces and until now, the social, cultural and historical significance of the Art Collection has remained relatively unknown.

Many of the works have direct connections to schools or have been created by teachers or former students who went on to international fame. Some of the artists represented in the District include David Milne, Jack Shadbolt (former teacher), Carole Sabiston (former teacher) and Fenwick Lansdowne (former student). The next step is to secure a space for all the artwork across the District to be made available as a learning resource for the community.

The update on the Historical Archives and Art Collection would not have been possible without the dedication of two volunteers. The District would like to recognize Judi Stevenson and Wayne Bembridge for protecting and maintaining the District’s rich history.


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