Regulation 6142.04 First Nations Education

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In order to create an environment in which First Nations students can achieve their emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual objectives, the District will:

  • work to increase First Nations retention and graduation rate by:
    • having administration encourage active participation of parents of  First Nations students within the school’s Parent Advisory Councils and other school committees
    • having administrators, teachers, teachers on-call, teacher assistants and counsellors as role models and support for First Nations students
    • creating First Nations classrooms that reflect the cultural heritage of students
    • encouraging the use of First Nations resources and curriculum that reflect the history of First Nations people
    • recognizing academic excellence for students in Grade 7, Grade 10 and Grade 12 through bursaries
    • supporting language skill development, math, reading and writing for First Nations students in the primary, early and late intermediate grades
    • encouraging professional development activities at the school and District level that address the needs of First Nations students
    • paying particular attention to First Nations students during their transitional years
  • acknowledge participation of the First Nations people in the overall school community by consulting with:
    • Songhees and Esquimalt Nation Education Liaison workers and their Education Committees
    • District First Nations Parent Advisory Council
    • First Nations community cultural resource people
    • First Nations Education Curriculum Committee
    • Local First Nations community boards and organizations
  • ensure that teachers of First Nations students shall be provided with the opportunity to become familiar with First Nations culture and contemporary issues
  • support First Nations students by encouraging them to develop a strong personal identity and pride in their heritage
  • ensure that all schools reflect the cultural heritage of First Nations people through connection with First Nations art work, library resource materials, and cultural presentations
  • offer classes and courses that include the history and traditions of First Nations people
  • continue support of First Nations cultural awareness activities and programs at the school level
  • continue support of the distribution of the FNED newsletter
  • actively recruit First Nations people for administrative positions through First Nations programs at Universities, First Nations newspapers, provincially sponsored Listservs for First Nations educators


Greater Victoria School District

  • Approved:     May 25, 1999


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