Regulation 1163 Consultation

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The Guidelines for the Consultative Process



1. The District would undertake consultation if and when:
• the constituency may be significantly affected by the decision
• the decision may be controversial
• the decision making process could benefit from a widespread exchange of information
• the decision needed is value based and/or subjective in nature


2. Before the District engages in a consultation process the following would be determined and communicated to the public:
• the objectives and goals of the consultation
• the issues upon which it is consulting
• the educational and community partners involved in the consultation process
• the person(s) with contact information
• the measures of success of the consultation process


3. The When the District begins a consultation process, it would normally include, but not be limited to, the following in its information release to educational and community partners:
• specific timelines showing each stage of the process
• limitations on the process in both scope and time
• the consultation methods to be utilized
• background information that is timely and comprehensive
• other options that have been, or are being, considered
• opportunities to be provided for input, feedback, and dialogue

Should there be a change in the consultation process, this will be communicated. When the consultation process is complete and a decision is made, the District will inform those consulted of the decision and the reasons for the decision.

A review of the process and structure of consultation will be conducted periodically involving all those affected by the process.


Reference: (TBD)
Adopted: January 1990
Revised: June 2005


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