Planned School Trips to the USA to Be Reviewed Until Greater Certainty Established

Travel restrictions recently introduced, and continuing to evolve, in the United States have triggered a review of all planned student travel to the United States.

On Monday night, the Board of Education supported the Superintendent in reviewing all immediate school trips planned for the United States and to meet with staff, students and parents about these pending trips to determine whether or how they occur to minimize risks to all students, staff and chaperones.

All future trips early in their planning process, where funds have not yet been committed, will be encouraged to find alternate destinations in Canada and other countries where all students can travel without risk of denied entry based on faith or ethnicity. Until more certainty and clarity is established regarding travel restrictions, no future trips to the United States will be planned.

“Our District is governed by values, and it is our values of tolerance, understanding and equity that must guide our decision-making,” noted Board Chair Edith Loring-Kuhanga. “We are One Learning Community and no student should be deprived of opportunity based on their race, religion or ethnicity.”

In recognition of the students potentially affected and financial commitments made to trips in immediate weeks, the Superintendent will consult parents and students and will make determinations on immediate trips on a case-by-case basis.

The District will continue to work with Canadian authorities to seek clarity and as new information is received about US travel restrictions the district will review and adapt as needed.

Additional background:

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Media Release: Planned School Trips to the USA to Be Reviewed and Future Trips to Be Paused Until Greater Certainty Established


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