Student Transfer Process

Students in the Greater Victoria School District wishing to register at a school outside of their catchment school must apply to transfer. For those students who wish to enroll in a school outside their catchment area, we have two student transfer processes in place; the Kindergarten Student Transfer Process (for Kindergarten students only) and the K-12 Student Transfer Process (for all students). In all cases, transportation is the responsibility of the family.

Regular K-12 Student Transfer Process

The K-12 Student Transfer Process took place February 16-24, 2017.

The K-12 Student Transfer Process facilitates requests to transfer to schools outside of their catchment. All students in the Greater Victoria School District are members of a Family of Schools. A Family of Schools is comprised of several elementary schools from which students move to a designated middle school and from there to a designated secondary school. The progression is called a pathway.

Click here for more information on School Pathways.

Students who stay on their pathway are not required to complete a Student Transfer Application form. At any grade level, when students want to change schools (outside of their pathway), they must complete the Student Transfer Application form.

Kindergarten Only Student Transfer Process 

Kindergarten Registration Transfer Process took place January 23-27, 2017.

  • Parents who wish to have their Kindergarten child attend a school other than their catchment school are given a Kindergarten Transfer Application form at their catchment school during regular Kindergarten Registration Week.
  • Parents submit the application form to the Board office.
  • At the end of Kindergarten Registration Week, the District reviews the enrolment numbers of in-catchment students at each school and identifies schools that have space available for out-of-catchment students. Transfer applications are then approved or denied.
  • When transfers are denied, the requested school creates a wait list that is based on the number on the registration form.

The following steps are necessary to transfer to another school:

  • Completion of the K-12 Student Transfer Application form, including date and signature.
  • Parents mail or deliver the completed K-12 Student Transfer Application form to the School Board Office by Friday, February 24, 2017, no later than 3:00 PM

Transfer applications are accepted based on the availability of space and resources at the school. Families will receive an approval or denial letter by the end of March 2017. When transfers have been approved, students will be considered members of the new Family of Schools.


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