Catchment Pathways & Transitions

Each school belongs to a Family of Schools. The school family groupings consist of school pathways where in-catchment students follow a determined school pathway through their transitions from elementary to middle and middle to secondary.

To review Catchment Pathways from K-12 click here.

In the event space is limited and a middle or secondary school cannot accept all non-catchment student requests, priority will be given to those non-catchment students already in the determined pathway of schools, over other non-catchment, non-pathway students. The student enrolment priorities apply to new registrations, transfer requests and student transitions between elementary and middle, and middle and high school for English and French programs.

In the past, all students would automatically follow the pathway of the school family group. Due to increasing enrolment and new student enrolment priorities, Non-catchment Grade 5 and Grade 8 students will no longer automatically follow the pathway of schools. They will be pre-transitioned to their catchment school based on their home address.

Letters will be sent home from schools with pre-transition catchment school and transfer information before the transfer period. Non-catchment Grade 5’s and Grade 8’s will have to apply for a transfer during the K-12 Student Transfer Process if they wish to continue in a non-catchment pathway.

The student enrolment priorities will be applied to elementary to middle and middle to secondary transitions.



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