Regulation 8200 Trustee Election Protocol

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School Visits by Candidates

Requests by Trustee candidates to visit a school are not considered appropriate during an election campaign.  Should a Trustee be invited to attend a school event, they should be introduced as a Trustee but no comments should be voiced regarding the election campaign.  Should a trustee candidate attend a school event, the candidate may be introduced by name only but without reference to the Trustee election.

All Candidates Meetings

The Greater Victoria School District recognizes the value of all candidates meetings; however, anybody organizing an all candidates meeting in a building owned by the Greater Victoria School District, must book the space through the District Rentals Department to host such an event.

Distribution of Trustee Election Campaign Materials.

The Greater Victoria School District does not allow any trustee election campaign ads or materials to be distributed via schools.  Campaign materials must not be displayed on school property nor distributed to students or parents or employees via schools, school mail, district e-mail or e-mail lists created for educational purposes.

It is understood that the Greater Victoria School District or its individual schools does not have control over what happens off of school property.  It is, however, appropriate to distribute information about the election in general – for example, information regarding the date of the election and where the polling booths will be located.


Greater Victoria School District

  • Approved:     March 28, 2011


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