Regulation 7540.1 Assembling and Preserving Important Documents

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It shall be the practice of this Board to develop and maintain accurate, up-to-date inventory of all properties owned and operated by this Board, including grounds, buildings and equipment.  These records shall be kept under conditions that ensure security from theft, fire and vandalism.

  1. The School Plant Division is responsible to obtain and keep up-to-date appropriate records of school facilities.  Records of all buildings shall be microfilmed and retained in a safe place. Microfilm printing and viewing shall be made available to the Maintenance Section.
  2. At the conclusion of a construction project the architect and/or consultants responsible for the supervisor of the building shall as part of their regular commission, forward to the School Plant Manager three copies of as-built drawings and three copies of maintenance and operating manuals.

Where alternations to existing buildings have been commissioned, comprehensive as-built drawings shall be submitted and shall include all features of the existing building where alterations were undertaken.

As-built drawings showing the last date of revision and manuals shall be submitted to the School Plant Manager prior to acceptance of the project.


Greater Victoria School District

  • Approved:                 September 1971 (as 7450.1)
  • Various revisions
    • Re-numbered:          September 1975
    • Revised:                     June 1980
    • Revised:                     June 28, 1982


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