Regulation 7460.2 Architects’ Inspection

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Inspections by the Architect and/or Supervisor of Construction shall be carried out at intervals during the construction period.  A report of each inspection shall be filed with the School Plant Division. Progress payments requested by the Contractor shall be approved by the Architect and Supervisor of Construction before the Business Manager proceeds.

Invoices for final payment requested at the time of substantial completion shall show the contract price, progress payments to date, extras and credits and the amount held back to satisfy the requirements of the Mechanics’ Lien Act.

Architects’ and Consultants’ fees shall be approved by School Plant Manager and/or the Supervisor of Construction*, before payment is made.*

Continuous records shall be kept by the Business Manager of all construction projects and their costs.  At the end of each project the Board may request a report which shall outline the final cost of the project, indicate total percentage of extras and credits, and state consultants fees paid.

*NOTE:     The Supervisor of Construction is not involved with the architect until award of contract.


Greater Victoria School District

  • Approved:                 August 1971 (as 7460)
  • Various revisions
    • Renumbered:            September 1975
    • Revised:                     June 1980
    • Revised:                     June 28, 1982


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