Regulation 7451.1 Supervision of Projects

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The School Plant Manager shall be responsible for the supervision of all construction projects.

Where architects and/or consultants have been engaged for the design and supervision of school buildings, the services of these firms shall include the periodic inspection of construction projects.  Inspections verifying accuracy, workmanship and progress shall be made at least once a week to be followed by a weekly written report to the Supervisor of Construction, outlining the progress of the work and the instructions given to the contractor.  Routine adjustments of details or minor changes made at that time shall be communicated to the School Plant Division for approval.

The regular staff of the School Plant Division shall make periodic inspections of projects to check contractors’ work performance.  Instructions then given to contractors shall be communicated to the architects.  Where the scope of the project has necessitated the employment of a Clerk of Work, reporting to the Supervisor of Construction, all instructions to contractors shall be channelled through the architect.

In cases of alterations within schools undertaken during the school term, principals should coordinate any necessary adjustment in the contractors’ work schedule through the Supervisor of Construction.  So that there shall be little or no disruption to the school, only the Secretary-Treasurer shall approve changes to the contract documents. The general contractor is responsible for job site safety.


Greater Victoria School District

  • Approved:                 September 1971 (as 7450)
  • Various revisions:
    • Re-numbered:          September 1975
    • Revised:                     June 1980
    • Revised:                     June 28, 1982


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