Regulation 7231 Design Process – Sketch Plans – Working Drawings

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Sketch plans shall include adequate details, sizes of rooms and estimates to determine suitability of the project to meet educational, technical and financial requirements.

Once a project receives approval in the Capital Budget, a committee shall be formed to prepare the educational specifications.*  It shall consist of :

  • Assistant Superintendent
  • Curriculum Coordinator or consultant
  • School Plant Manager
  • Principal
  • Teacher Representative
  • Parent Representative

Minutes of all meetings shall be kept by the School Plant Manager. Once the Educational Specifications are completed to the satisfaction of the Committee, School Plant Manager shall liaise with the Ministry of Education to establish an Approved Building Program (CP8).  This shall be approved by the Committee and taken to the Board for information.  The architect, reporting to the School Plant Manager, shall use this Approved Building Program to develop sketch plans.  The School Plant Manager, shall ensure that there is no deviation from this pro­gram without reference to the Board.

Once the sketch plans are completed, they shall be reviewed by the Committee, and the architect advised of details that shall be included in the working drawings.

The final working drawings and specifications, as prepared by the architects, shall be approved by the School Plant Manager after consultation with the Building Committee.  Adequate details shall be provided to ensure compliance with technical and educational needs. The School Plant division is then authorized to call tenders.

*NOTE:     Projects including roof replacements; ICBC alterations; heating; renovations; etc. excluded.


Greater Victoria School District

  • Approved:     June 28, 1982



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