Regulation 7110 Disposal of Real Property

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The Greater Victoria Board of Education has the responsibility for the disposal of its real property, defined as lands, buildings and leases of ten years or more.  Prior to offering real property for disposal, the Board of Education shall complete a consultation process in accordance with Policy and Regulation 1163, ‘Consultation’.  The following specific conditions apply to any consultation process with respect to all sales and long-term (ten years or more) leases of real property:

The Greater Victoria Board of Education shall consult with local governments, community organizations, neighbours adjacent to the property and the public and:

  • shall give notice to existing tenants, licensees and other user groups.
  • shall provide public notice (such as newspaper ads, open houses, District website, etc.)

As part of the consultation process, the Board of Education shall provide:

  • reasons for sale of the property.
  • use of the proceeds of disposal.
  • projected enrolment in the District.
  • impact on District education programs.
  • impact on community use of school buildings.

The Greater Victoria Board of Education will ensure that:

  • all sales are approved by School District 61 Bylaw in accordance with s.65(5) of the School Act and Ministerial Order M193/08.
  • all leases are approved through bylaw as they are considered dispositions of interest in land.
  • the Minister of Education is informed, in accordance with School Act, 96(3).

Easements are not subject to this Regulation.


Greater Victoria School District

  • Approved:     November 1979
  • Revised:         June 1982
  • Revised:         March 2004
  • Renamed and Revised:         April 19, 2010


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