Regulation 6164.1 School Health Services

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The Capital Regional Community Health Department shall be expected to carry out the following services:

  1. Carry out testing of vision and hearing of school students at various levels.
  1. Carry out physical examinations of students and/or staff as required.
  1. Carry out, on a regular basis, inspections of facilities and, where appropriate, equipment.
  1. Advise on the needs for school health facilities.
  1. Advise on levels of lighting and noise.
  1. Advise on psychological or psychiatric referrals of students and/or staff.
  1. Advise and participate in family life programs.
  1. Advise and participate in nutrition programs.
  1. Advise on first aid requirements – facilities, equipment, materials.
  1. Advise schools on student and/or staff medication.
  1. Advise on learning disabilities as related to physical and mental health.
  1. Provide schedule for tuberculosis screening of staff and students as required.
  1. Provide for Rubella testing of females.
  1. Conduct on a scheduled basis immunization of students and/or staff.
  1. In an emergency, to carry out procedures to maintain good health.


Greater Victoria School District

  • Approved:      March 1975


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