Regulation 6163.7 Classroom Pets

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Regulation 6163.7


Approved and Renumbered (previously 6163.6): February 25, 2019

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure the greatest possible level of safety for students, staff and animals with regards to pet animals kept in school buildings.

1.0 The animals shall:
1.1 Not be allowed to roam freely within the school setting and should be confined to a habitat within the classroom
1.2 Be cared for during holiday periods.

2.0 Principals shall:
2.1. Be consulted and provide a decision prior to the inclusion of a live animal in the classroom.

3.0 Teachers shall:
3.1 Ensure that the following conditions have been met prior to introducing an animal into a classroom:
3.1.1. Procedures on the safe handling and care of the animal are posted
and reviewed with the students which states that the animal is only handled by
students when: It does not endanger or stress the animal; The handling of the animal is related to the curriculum being taught; The handling of the animal is in accordance to species-specific handling instructions; and The student is directly supervised by the experienced caregiver or teacher.

3.1.2. Procedures for the feeding of the animal and maintenance of the enclosure for
hygienic purposes are established.

3.1.3. Parent(s) or guardian(s) are informed of the intent to keep classroom pet(s).

3.2 Take responsibility for the care and welfare of the animal during weekends, holidays, and school breaks.

3.3 Ensure that an animal is removed from the classroom if the animal may place the safety of children/or staff in jeopardy or is a health hazard for students/staff or is an impediment to learning.

3.4 Be responsible for the removal of:
3.4.1 All refuse or waste pertaining to classroom animals and placed in the appropriate receptacle safely; and
3.4.2 The animal, in the event of death, is to be disposed of in a manner that is safe and sensitive to student emotions.


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