Regulation 6161.4 Rental of District Owned Musical Instruments

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1. The fees for rental of band or orchestra instruments will be set by the Instruction Curriculum Department.

2. Students using district owned band instruments shall be charged a rental fee with the following exceptions:

a) No student will be denied participation in the instrumental music program because of inability to pay the rental of a district instrument. Such cases will be determined by the teacher in consultation with the principal of the school.

b) No rental fees will be charged where a student has been requested and agrees to lay an instrument other than the one they own.

3. Rental fees are to be collected from all students by the instrumental teacher, with receipts given for monies received.

4. Instrument rental monies are to be accounted and handled by the home school of the teacher concerned. All rental monies are to be accounted for separate from funds of the school and parents’ auxiliary.

5. The instrumental music teacher and the home school principal approve the disbursement of the monies collected.

6. The monies are to be used for:
a) Purchase of instruments
b) Repairs of instruments
c) Music

7. Schools carrying out the banking and bookkeeping service will submit prior to January 30 of each year, an annual financial statement for the preceding year, January 1 to December 31. Schools should be prepared,
on request, to submit at any time an interim statement. The annual reports should be sent to the office of the Curriculum Consultant – Fine Arts – and be collated for submission to the Superintendent of Schools. The statements must indicate the number of instruments rented, monies collected and details of disbursements.

8. Instruments not being utilized shall be made available for use by students in other District programs. Rental monies collected for these borrowed instruments shall be collected by the teacher of the student actually using the instruments. This money shall be applied to the care of the instrument involved that shall be returned to loaning school by June 30 of each year.

Greater Victoria School District
Approved: November 1962
Revised: February 1970
Revised: July 1975
Revised: September 1981
Revised: March 2019


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