Regulation 6145.02 Supervision Requirements for Secondary School and Middle School Extra-Curricular Athletics

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The purpose of this regulation is to provide guidelines and a process in the event that it is necessary to have a school team coached by a volunteer from the community.  The Board of Education understands that community coaches are integral to the school sport system and are necessary to ensure opportunities for student athletes.

  1. Community coaches must complete the attached Community Coach Application Form. The intent of the form is to enable school personnel to determine the qualifications and suitability of the prospective community coach and receive authorization to conduct a Criminal Record search.
  1. It is recommended that the prospective community coach have completed a minimum of Level One Theory of the National Coaching Certification Program.
  1. The principal or delegate will meet with each prospective community coach to discuss the school athletic policy, program goals and objectives as well as the BCSS Coach’s Code of Conduct. The school principal or delegate will also explain School District Policy and Regulation 1240 (Volunteers in Schools) and 1241 (Volunteer Drivers) as well as School District Policy and Regulation 3545.1 (Transportation), 3545.2 (Field Trips) and 3545.25 (Overnight Accommodation) to the prospective community coach and will provide copies of all of the above mentioned documents.
  1. The principal or delegate will ensure that an employee of the GVSD will travel with a school team on any trip which requires an overnight stay.
  1. The principal or delegate will attempt to partner a community coach with an experienced teacher-coach or teacher-sponsor in the community coach’s first year with the school.
  1. The principal or delegate should request and check at least two references for each prospective community coach and ensure completion of a Criminal Record Search prior to commencing any coaching activity.
  1. The principal or delegate will review the community coach’s suitability at least twice during the season of play. If the principal or delegate deems the community coach not to be suitable, the coach will be relieved of all coaching duties immediately.
  1. Prospective community coaches must sign the Community Coach Commitment Form that will be kept on file with the principal.
  1. The principal or delegate will make every effort to support community coaches in the completion of their coaching duties.



  • Policies and Regulations 6145.01, 1240, 1241, 3545.1, 3545.2 and 3545.25
  • BCSS Competitive Polices and Procedures Section 6.2.5
  • LVISSAA Constitution and Regulation Section 5:1X-5.1
  • LIMSSA Constitution and Regulation Section 9:(9.1)


Greater Victoria School District

  • Approved:     January 25, 1999
  • Revised:         March 30, 2009
  • Revised:         April 2, 2013



Name: _____________________________ Date of Birth: _____________________________

Address:  ___________________________ P.C.:  ____________________________________

Telephone: (H)                             (B) ___________    Fax:  ___________________________

1)  NCCP Coaching Qualifications:  NCCP #: _____________________________________

Certification Level Theory: ____________        Date Completed:  __________________

Certification Level Technical: ____________    Date Completed:  __________________

_______________     Date Completed:  __________________

_______________     Date Completed:  __________________

2)  Previous Coaching Experience:

School System: ____________________________________________________________


Community/Other: ________________________________________________________


3)   Coaching Philosophy: _____________________________________________________


4) Which sport(s) would you like to coach, and at what level?

Sport(s): ______________________________          Level: __________________________

Sport(s): ______________________________          Level: __________________________

5) Personal History:

  1. a) Are you currently under probation or suspension from coaching duties within any school or community sport program?    Yes      No
  2. b) Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense?    Yes       No
  3. c) Do you have criminal charges pending?    Yes           No

If yes for 5a), 5b), or 5c), please provide details:                                                                                                                                                     

6)  Medical

  1. a) Do you know of any medical condition that may hamper or affect your ability to carry out coaching activities?    Yes      No
  1. b) If yes to 6a), please provide details:


7)  References

Please provide the names and contact information for three (3) references:

Coaching References:

  1. a)                                                                                            

Name                                   Relationship                          Telephone

  1. b)                                                                                           

Name                                   Relationship                          Telephone

  1. c)                                                                                            

Name                                    Relationship                          Telephone

8)  Personal Reference:

  1. a)                                                                                            

Name                                   Relationship                          Telephone

I hereby give my permission to                                                      that a Criminal Record Check may be conducted prior to commencing any coaching activity within the school.

I hereby certify that the information given is complete and correct.

Name:                                           Signature:                                               Date:                

cc:  Principal

Associate Superintendent



I agree to abide by the B. C. School Sports Coach’s Code of Conduct, B.C. School Sports Policies and Procedures and all Lower Vancouver Island Secondary School Athletic Association (LVISSAA) Regulations and all Lower Island Middle School Sports Association (LIMSSA) Regulations.

I have discussed GVSD Policies and Regulations 1240 (Volunteers in Schools), 3545.25 (Field Trips) and 3545.25 (Overnight Accommodation), 1241 (Volunteer Drivers) and 3545.1 Transportation) with the principal or delegate and will work with the principal or delegate to ensure compliance with all School District Policies and regulations while a coach at ________________  School.

I agree to have a Criminal Record Search conducted and returned to the principal or delegate of ____________________ School prior to commencing any coaching activity.

I understand and agree to uphold the principles and goals of extra-curricular athletics at __________________ School.

I agree that any contravention of GVSD Policies and Regulations, B. C. School Sports Policies and Procedures and LVISSAA/LIMSSA Regulations may result in my immediate release from my coaching duties at __________________ School.

I agree that the principal or delegate at __________________ School may relieve me from my coaching duties at any time and without cause.

Name of community coach: ____________________

Signature: ___________________

Date: ____________________


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