Regulation 6120.1 Programs of Choice

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New Programs considered will:

  1. Have a clearly articulated Program Rationale.
  1. Acknowledge parental desire for programs with a particular educational emphasis.
  1. Fulfill a recognized educational need separate from existing programs and services.
  1. Be free from any religious or ethnic affiliation.
  1. Be consistent with Board policies.
  1. Be funded at the same levels with respect to resources and staff as those established for elementary, middle and secondary schools / grades / programs.

Any additional costs for establishing or maintaining the Program will be the responsibility of the school.

  1. Conform with collective agreements.
  1. Identify the potential impact on other schools in the District.
  1. Not affect operational needs of the School District.
  1. Be available to all students in the Greater Victoria School District, within school space.
  1. Be housed in facilities where space permits and which are suitable to the Program.
  1. Be maintained without transportation assistance from the Board.
  1. Be subject to normal planning and staffing schedules established by the district.
  1. Be subject to evaluation on an ongoing basis by the Board.

Process for Submitting Proposals

A.   Prior to submission of a proposal to the Board consultation with the Superintendent or designate must occur.

B.   A written proposal including clear rationale for the Program will be submitted to the School Board. The proposal will contain:

  1. An overview of the Program accompanied by the goals and objectives and implementation time line for the program.
  1. A statement which outlines the educational value of the program for the district; including how the proposal is distinct from existing educational programs or fills a particular educational need not currently offered in the District.
  1. A clear indication of the intended school population to be served including age, grade levels, learner characteristics, and the number of students to be served.
  1. A clear description of the qualifications and nature of teaching support staff required to offer the Program.
  1. A clear description of the facilities required to offer the Program both in the immediate and long-term.
  1. An analysis of the possible impact on other schools in the District.
  1. Evidence of PAC and community support for the Program which demonstrates parents have an understanding of the proposal and have or will have children who will enroll in the Program.
  1. Student registration guidelines, including how students will be selected.
  1. Evidence of such similar programs’ success where operating in other school districts.
  1. Sources and sustainability of additional funds (where necessary).
  1. A sample of the Program registration and promotion form (or flyer).

C.   Upon receipt of a proposal, the Board may direct the Superintendent to conduct a feasibility study, which will set out costs and other issues that may include:

  1. Staffing / human resource requirements.
  1. Facilities, both interim and long-term requirements.
  1. Program development and implementation.
  1. Administrative requirements.
  1. Sources of funding / revenue including government, private, or corporate services and any obligations of the Board in the event outside funds are provided.
  1. A proposed implementation timeline.
  1. Effects on other schools.

D.   Where a program is approved, the implementation will be the responsibility of the School Board and the school hosting the Program.


Greater Victoria School District

  • Approved:           December 9, 2002


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