Regulation 6114 Maintenance of Order

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  1. The following individuals have the authority, under section 177 of the School Act, to direct individuals to immediately leave school property:
  • Superintendent
  • Deputy Superintendent
  • Associate Superintendent(s)
  • Directors or their equivalent
  • Principals
  • Vice-Principals
  • When no Principal or Vice-Principal is present in the school, a Teacher-in-charge
  1. If an administrator deems necessary, a call for assistance from the police shall be made.
  2. While Principals and Vice-Principals have the authority to direct individuals to immediately leave school property, the District Principal for that level (the Superintendent’s designate) must be contacted for approval to issue written exclusion orders.
  3. The District Principal may directly issue section 177 exclusion orders for a period up to one school year at which time the exclusion order shall be reviewed.
  4. The following procedures shall be followed by administrators when an individual is directed to leave school property under section 177 of the School Act:
  • The incident shall be reported to the District Principal for that level
  • The District Principal’s office shall provide written notification, as soon as possible, to the excluded person. The notification should include reasons for and length of exclusion, date for review and information regarding the appeal process. The school shall document the incident and include the following information at a minimum
  • Name of School requesting the exclusion;
  • Date, time and location of incident(s);
  • Description of incident(s);
  • Name (and contact information if possible) of person excluded;
  • Length of exclusion to be determined in consultation with the District Principal;
  • Date for review; and
  • Name of person completing document
  1. A person excluded from school property may appeal the exclusion order within 30 calendar days from when the order was issued. The appeal must be in writing and include the appellant’s response to the information included in the notification of exclusion.
  2. If the exclusion order is issued by the District Principal, then the appeal decision is made by the Deputy/Associate Superintendent. If the Superintendent was the issuer of the original exclusion order or the appellant is unsatisfied by the Superintendent’s appeal decision, then the appellant may appeal to the Board of Education.
  3. Appeal decisions shall be rendered within 30 days of receiving the appeal. The appeal decisions shall be communicated in writing and include reasons for the decision.
  4. In the event that a decision of a board employee significantly impacts the education, health or safety of a student, an appeal of an exclusion order under section 177 may be heard through a section 11 appeal of the School Act.
  5. All exclusion orders shall be issued and tracked through the office of the District Principals.

References:    Section 177 and Section 11 of the School Act [RSBC 1996]

Bylaw 9330.1 Appeal Process
Adopted:         March 2022
Revised:          (TBD)


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