Regulation 5131.6 Student Attendance

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  1. The principal shall involve members of the school community (students, staff, parents/guardians) in the formulation of a school code of conduct with respect to expectations for attendance and punctuality. The principal shall then be responsible to communicate these expectations on a regular basis to students, staff, parents/guardians.
  1. Each teacher shall support the expectations for student attendance and punctuality as expressed in the schools code of conduct. Teachers shall maintain accurate attendance records and report concerns to parents/guardians with respect to student attendance and punctuality.
  1. Each student shall be held responsible to:

a) know their school’s expectations regarding attendance and punctuality,

b) attend regularly and to provide the reason(s) for absenteeism, from parents or guardians, when requested by school personnel.

  1. Each student will be accorded due process before being disciplined for non-attendance. Simply stated, this process will include:  to be told what the rules are; to be told what rule has been violated; and to be given the opportunity to present the student version of the facts.  The administration shall review the circumstances and determine appropriate consequences.
  1. The concept of administrative authority will be fairness; every effort will be made to resolve attendance problems utilizing district resources in cooperation with the students, parents/guardian(s).


  • School Act:    Section   2 Access to Educational Programs
  • Section   6 Duties of Students
  • Section 94 Provision of Educational Programs
  • School Act Regulation:   4(1)(c) and (f) Duties of Teachers
  • 5(8) Duties and Powers of Administrative Officers


Greater Victoria School District

  • Approved :  December 1971
  • Revised:       July 1975
  • Revised, Renumbered:  June 24, 1996


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