Regulation 5131.5 Smoking

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The Board of Education recognizes the need to protect the health, safety and welfare of its students, employees and other users of its buildings and properties with respect to the use of tobacco and smokeless tobacco products, including the smoking of electronic (e.cigarettes) cigarettes.

To comply with the Capital Regional District’s Clean-Air Bylaw 2217, and in accordance with tobacco legislation Bill 10, Tobacco Sales (Banning Tobacco and Smoking in Public Places and Schools), Amendment Act, 2007, Section 2.2 the Board directs that smoking and the use of other tobacco products is not permitted:

  1. inside School District buildings
  2. on School District grounds
  3. in Board owned or leased vehicles
  4. in personal vehicles on school grounds

It is expected that all employees, students, parents and community users/renters of Board facilities will adhere to this Regulation at all times.

Ceremonial use performed in relation to a traditional aboriginal cultural activity, will be permitted.

The Board also believes the most effective way to assist its students and employees, is to address the health issues on smoking through information and educational programs.


Greater Victoria School District

  • Adopted:    January 2008
  • Revised:      May 20, 2014


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