Regulation 5131.1 Discipline

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1. The principal shall involve members of the school community (students, staff and parents) in the formulation of school rules with respect to student behaviour which are consistent with Board policy. All rules under which suspensions might be made should include rules regarding provision of educational programs to suspended students. The Principal shall then be responsible to communicate on a regular basis, the rules to students, parents and staff and outline all disciplinary procedures within his/her school.

2. Every teacher shall establish reasonable and clearly understood limits to the behaviour of their students. Such limits shall be kind, consistent and judicious disciplinary practices and should ensure a safe and secure
learning environment for all students.

3. Each student shall be held responsible for:
(a) knowing the school rules and for abiding by them;
(b) behaving in a way which is neither harmful to the welfare of other students nor interferes with the learning of others.

4. Each student will be accorded certain minimal due process procedures before being disciplined for acts of misconduct committed at school or during school related activities. Simply stated, those procedures include: to be told what the rules are; to be told what rule has been violated; and to be given the opportunity to present their version of the facts. The right of procedural due process also includes the right to receive a punishment which fits the wrong done by the student and the right to appeal, under the Greater Victoria School District’s Bylaw 9330.

The concept of administrative authority will be fairness; every effort will be made to resolve problems utilizing district resources in co-operation with the students, parents or guardian.

Greater Victoria School District
Approved: October, 1982
Revised: August, 1993
Revised: March 2019

Modification to this document is not permitted without prior written consent from the Greater Victoria School District

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