Regulation 5123 Promotional Procedures – Secondary Schools Introduction

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Regulations adopted must recognize the authority of the District Superintendent and that of the principal as laid down in the School Act.

It has been stated as policy:

a) that a pupil who has attained a satisfactory level of achievement in a subject should not be asked to repeat that subject;
b) that where a pupil has deficiencies in an authorized program or specialty he may be admitted at the discretion of the receiving principal;
c) that any pupil of this District who is certified as having completed their junior secondary schooling is eligible to enter any senior secondary school in the District.

If a pupil is transferring from a junior secondary to a senior secondary school, adjudication shall be made by the principal of the junior secondary school prior to final enrolment in the senior secondary school. Adjudication will take place before the final report card is issued, unless the pupil elects to attend Summer School.

An increasing recognition of the Department Head or subject coordinator should exist in the development and maintenance of a sound promotional pattern in each school. They should be responsible for reasonable standards used for promotion.

It should be understood that counselling at the junior secondary level would ensure that the pupil will be able to qualify for the senior secondary school, and may be able to complete the courses required for graduation in their specialty.


1. Students in secondary school (8-12) shall be promoted on a subject basis.

2. No students may be permitted to fail out of one subject into another. For example, a failure in Mathematics 9 or 10 may not be considered as an automatic pass in General Mathematics 9 or 10. However, if after adjudication, the principal of the school feels that the pupils will be able to handle the work of a General Mathematics course at a higher grade level, permission may be granted to proceed with the next course.


The District recognizes a system of recommendations in secondary grades consistent with Ministry of Education requirements as outlined in the June School Closing Calendar.


Summer School classes may be offered for clearing deficiencies at the end of a school year; courses will be subject to review each year.

For students who are clearing deficiencies, it should be noted that:

1) Summer School can offer a student instruction in two subjects only.
2) No student is to be assigned to Summer School as a disciplinary measure.

Greater Victoria School District
Approved: January 1966
Revised: April 1971
Revised: November 1981
Revised: May 1984
Revised:  March 2019

Modification to this document is not permitted without prior written consent from the greater Victoria School District

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