Regulation 4300.1 Health and Safety

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  1. Principles of Health and Safety
    • every person employed by the Greater Victoria Board of Education has a duty to work safely and to promote safe working conditions, safe working practices and positive attitudes toward accident prevention;
    • every employee shall perform their job only if it is safe to do so;
    • health and safety is everyone’s responsibility. No employee shall be disciplined for refusal to work in an unsafe environment or for attempting to suggest improvements to working conditions.  The atmosphere for safe attitudes is one in which cooperation is paramount, adversary relationships are nonexistent and no person or party is singled out for blame.
  1. The Human Resources Department under the direction of the Board of Education will:
    • foster a workplace culture of safety and leading by example;
    • create strategies for the management of occupational health and safety;
    • be responsible for the adequate direction and instruction of employees in the safe performance of their duties;
    • review health and safety incidents/trends on a regular basis.
  1. Principals, Directors and Supervisors shall:
    • establish and maintain adequate standards, policies, procedures, work practices and maintenance of buildings and equipment in an attempt to ensure a safe working environment;
    • identify and investigate hazardous working conditions and implement practices and procedures to eliminate or reduce hazards;
    • develop programs, procedures and maintenance routines to ensure elimination of concerns as identified by employees or safety committees;
    • ensure that safeguards, safety appliances and devices, including personal protective equipment necessary for the protection of employees/students, are available and are used by the individuals involved;
    • enforce regulations and proper work procedures and correct any hazardous or unsafe condition;
    • ensure that each employee is properly trained to perform the job safely;
    • report any real or potential hazard;
    • complete an accident/incident report form by conducting an investigation to determine probable cause and recommend actions which will reduce the possibility of recurrence;
    • be constantly alert to observe unsafe working practices or conditions with the aim of immediate correction;
    • inform the Site-based Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee of any suggestions as to the development of safer working conditions or practices.
  1. Employees are expected to:
    • perform all tasks without risk of injury to themselves or others;
    • report health or safety hazards to their supervisor;
    • use and/or wear protective clothing and equipment as required;
    • comply with all health and safety regulations and directives;
    • adopt a responsible attitude toward safety on the job;
    • not remove, impair or render ineffective any safeguard provided for protection;
    • report all accidents and complete the appropriate accident report form.
  1. The Site-based Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committees shall have as their mandate:
    • to identify unsafe equipment or working conditions that may be unhealthy or unsafe for workers and consult with the employer on corrective measures;
    • to consult with workers and the employer on issues related to occupational health and safety;
    • to monitor the effectiveness of health and safety programs and policies and make recommendations to the employer for improvement;
    • to participate in periodic inspections of work areas to detect unsafe conditions and recommend corrective action;
    • to conduct investigations and deal with health and safety complaints;
    • to carry out any other duties and functions prescribed by Part 3 Division 4, Section 130 of the Workers Compensation Act.
  1. First Aid Attendants shall:
    • hold and maintain a valid BC First Aid Certificate as required under WorkSafeBC Occupational Health and Safety Regulation as contained in schedule “3-A” in respect of:
      • Occupational Level 2 First Aid Certification
      • Occupational Level 1 First Aid Certification
    • maintain the appropriate equipment, supplies and facilities;
    • complete all documentation as required;
    • consult with and/or attend the Site-based Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committees to discuss improvements to the Health and Safety Program, on request.
  1. Selection and Training:
    • the Principal of a school or supervisor of a department will select suitable candidates for appointment as First Aid Attendants;
    • in order to provide summer training, the District Health and Safety Officer will be provided with the names of those selected by May 31st of each year to ensure compliance with the WorkSafeBC Occupational Health and Safety Regulations for the following school year;
    • preference will be given to staff who are on site for the full school day in order to minimize disruption to the classroom;
    • qualified First Aid Attendants, once appointed, must agree to serve in that position for a period of one (1) year;
    • it is the responsibility of the First Aid Attendants to notify the District Health and Safety Officer and the Principal or Vice Principal when planned absences are known or in the event of illness.
  1. Compensation:
    • First Aid Attendants will be compensated for the certification level required at the site as outlined in the WorkSafeBC Occupational Health and Safety Regulations;
    • compensation is paid on a pro-rated basis for the time actually worked as First Aid Attendants;
    • First Aid Attendants who agree to share the duties shall also share the First Aid Attendants allowance on a pro-rated basis.


WorkSafeBC Occupational Health and Safety Regulations Sections 3.14 to 3.21.


Greater Victoria School District

  • Approved:     January 29, 1990
  • Revised:         October 24, 1994
  • Revised:         October 3, 2000
  • Revised:         September 16, 2013


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