Regulation 4216.1 General Responsibility of School Custodians

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The following is a general outline of the duties of school Custodians. They are responsible to the Supervisor of Operations through the Assistant Supervisors of Operations for their attendance, activities and effectiveness.  However, during the school day Custodians should consider themselves under the direction of the Principal for carrying out any ordinary reasonable tasks that have to do with the physical comfort or safety of students and staff.

  1. The Custodian is responsible for the requisitioning and proper use of all cleaning and other operational supplies and equipment.
  2. The Custodian is expected to provide a temperature conducive to teaching prior to the commencing of classes each morning.
  3. In the event of snowfall the Custodian’s morning tasks are given the following priorities:
    • Heating of buildings
    • Clearing entrances and paths to street sidewalks
    • Normal routines
  4. The Custodian is responsible for the equitable distribution and scheduling of all cleaning routines in his particular school and the daily inspection of same.  He should also make periodic inspections outside the building as to conditions of walkways, stairs, and bicycle racks, etc. to ensure that such areas are in a neat and safe condition.  He is expected to take pride in keeping all areas within the school as clean and orderly as possible.
  5. The Custodian shall check all time sheets, permits, etc., prior to them leaving the school.
  6.  The Custodian is expected to report on the merits of his staff regarding effectiveness, attendance and other matters that in his opinion are considered pertinent.
  7. The Custodian is expected to carry out minor repairs to the building and equipment when necessary.  He is encouraged to carry out repairs which he is competent to do either by certification or by previous experience.
  8. The Custodian shall be advised of all use of school buildings after school hours by the Principal and/or the Operations Division. He shall schedule his staff to cover the attendance and any necessary extra work in an efficient and economical manner.
  9.  The Custodian is not a disciplinarian, but there will be times when he should advise or verbally correct pupils in corridors or washrooms when teachers are not present.  This should be done in a quiet, firm manner.  If pupils react in an adverse manner, this should be reported to the Principal.  If damage to school property is involved, the Principal, and also the Supervisor of Operations should be informed.


Greater Victoria School District

  • Approved:     March 1963
  • Revised:         October 1971
  • Revised:         May 20, 1975


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