Regulation 4152.3 Sick Leave

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1. Section 125 of the School act stipulates that sick leave is earned at the rate of one and one-half days each month taught by the teacher in the service of the Board. For the purposes of this policy, “month taught” shall mean a month in which a teacher has taught at least half the prescribed school days.

2. Fifteen days of sick leave shall be available to each teacher at the beginning of the school year. The amount paid to a teacher for a sick leave advanced but not earned during a year, shall be repaid by the teacher to the Board in a manner to be determined by the Superintendent of Schools, or their delegate.

3. Teachers commencing employment with the Board during the year shall have available to them the quota of sick leave benefits which would accrue to them for the duration of their appointment. Teachers holding a part-time appointment with the Board shall receive sick leave benefits prorated according to the percentage of the time they work.

4. Each teacher shall receive, by September 30, an annual accounting of their accumulated sick leave as at August 31.

5. Teachers shall receive credit for experience and credit for increment purposes for all sick leave taken for which they have accumulated sick leave credit, up to the maximum number of days of entitlement outlined in Section 125 of the School Act.

6. If a teacher resigns from this Board’s employ and subsequently resumes a position as a teacher with the Board, they shall have immediate credit upon resumption of a position with this Board of the balance of all sick leave remaining to their credit at the time of their resignation.

7. For any absence of a teacher, a medical certificate signed by a duly qualified medical practitioner may be requested by the school principal, the

Superintendent of Schools or their delegate. For every absence exceeding five teacher days, a medical certificate must be filed with the Superintendent of Schools, or their delegate. Failure to present a medical certificate when required to do so will be sufficient reason for loss of salary for the days of absence.

8. Any teacher whose absence during the school year exceeds, or is expected to exceed, 20 consecutive teaching days, must submit an application for long-term sick leave. Such application must be accompanied by a medical certificate. Such leave, if granted, will be for a specified time, but may be subject to extension upon further application. During the time of such long- term sick leave, the teacher will receive accumulated sick leave benefits so long as those benefits exist. Before returning to duty after a period of long- term sick leave, the teacher concerned must present to the Superintendent of Schools, or their delegate, a medical certificate which indicates that their health is restored so as to permit a return to regular teaching duties.

Greater Victoria School District
Approved: March 1978
Revised: February 1980
Revised: March 29, 1982
Revised: June 28, 1982
Revised: March 2019

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