Regulation 4124 Salary Regulations – Partial-year Service

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  1. A teacher employed for less than eight months in each of two or more school years may be granted increment in accordance with the following conditions:

a) Periods of partial-year service may be combined and if the total service is ten months an increment shall be granted.

b) Consideration may be given to the granting of one increment for combined service which totals at least eight months.

  1. Partial-year service in any other school district(s) in B.C. will rank equally with partial-year service in School District #61. It shall be the responsibility of the teacher to submit a certified statement for this type of service with each period expressed as a decimal or percentage of the school year.
  1. The provisions of the salary agreement currently in effect shall apply when considering partial-year service in other provinces or countries. Proof of such service will be required.
  1. Partial-year and part-time service may be combined in order to qualify for an increment.
  1. The above regulations are effective from September 1st, 1970.


Greater Victoria School District

  • Approved:     October 1972 (replacing 4122.2)


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