Regulation 4123 Salary Regulations – Part-time Service

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1.0   A teacher employed for a school year on a part-time basis may be granted increments in accordance with the following conditions:

a) Periods of part-time service may be combined and if the total service equals ten months of full-time an increment shall be granted.

b) Consideration may be given to the granting of one increment for service which equals at least eight months.

2.0  Part-time service in any other school district(s) in B.C. will rank equally with part-time service in School District #61.  It shall be the responsibility of the teacher to submit a certified statement for this type of service with each period expressed as a decimal or percentage of the school year.

3.0   The provisions of the salary agreement currently in effect shall apply when considering part-time service in other provinces or countries.  Proof of such service will be required.

4.0   Part-time service will be calculated on the basis of the number of hours instruction is offered in a school day, school week, or timetable cycle.

5.0   Part-time and partial-year service may be combined in order to qualify for an increment.

6.0   The above regulations are effective from September 1st, 1980.


Greater Victoria School District

  • Approved:     October 1972 (replacing 4122.1)


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