Regulation 4117.1 Probation and Evaluation: Termination of Probationary Appointments

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The following procedures will be followed in deciding whether or not to grant tenure to a probationary teacher:

  1. The principal shall make classroom visits to all probationary teachers early in the year, starting in September, in order to be able to give necessary assistance as soon as it is needed, and if necessary, shall advise the Superintendent or his delegate that support of the teaching situation is required.
  1. Where department heads are available, assistance shall be provided by these persons from the very beginning of the year.
  1. In addition to frequent informal discussions between the pro­bationary teacher and the principal, the principal shall by November 30, have a more formal session with the teacher for the purpose of discussing such aspects of the teacher’s performance as seem important.  If necessary, the principal should summarize the major aspects of this discussion in memo form and given one copy to the teacher.
  1. Where the principal has reason to be seriously concerned about any aspect of the teacher’s activities in the school, he shall inform the teacher about his concern, and follow this with a memo covering the essential points under discussion, including specific recommendations which the teacher may use to improve his performance or relationships with his students and colleagues.

This shall be done prior to March 1 of the probationary year, and a copy of the memo shall be forwarded to the Superintendent or his delegate after it has been given to the teacher.  This procedure will give the teacher an opportunity to obtain further support and assistance in improving his performance prior to the time when a formal decision must be made with respect to a permanent appointment.

  1. If the principal is of the opinion that a teacher’s appointment should be terminated, he shall act in accordance with Section 3:17 of the Rules of the Council of Public Instruction, which states that:  “Where a principal deems that the work of a teacher is unsatisfactory, he shall furnish a written report but shall request the Superintendent of Schools to make or to have made an independent report on the work of that teacher before the principal files his report.”

Furthermore, the principal shall, in writing, inform the teacher concerned that he has requested an independent report according to Section 3:17.

  1. Following a request under Section 3:17, the Superintendent or his delegate shall make an independent report on the teacher, and shall discuss the report with the teacher in the presence of the principal.
  1. If, after the above procedure has been followed, the Superintend­ent or his delegate is of the opinion that the probationary teacher’s appointment should be terminated, he shall proceed in accordance with the Rules of the Council of Public Instruction:

5:01  The Board of School Trustees of a school district may appoint a teacher on probation for a period not exceeding one year.  The probationary appointment shall be designated in writing when notice of appointment is given and may be terminated by the Board of School Trustees upon at least thirty day’s notice in writing, which notice shall expire with the termination of the probationary period.

5:02  Before a notice of termination is given, the Board shall consider the Superintendent’s report on the teacher con­cerned, and shall confer with the Superintendent or, in the case of a teacher in a graded school, with the principal or the Superintendent, or both.

5:03  The right of the appeal as provided in Section 129 of the School Act does not apply with respect to termination of a probationary appointment.

  1. The procedures outlined above will be reviewed from time to time and amended if necessary.  In the event that special circumstances affecting a particular teacher appear to warrant a course of action which is not in keeping with the above procedure, the Superintendent will make a complete and detailed report concerning the case to the Board in Committee.


Greater Victoria School District

  • Approved:     September 1969
  • Revised:         July 1975
  • Revised:         November 1981


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