Regulation 4112.2 Teaching Personnel – Documentation

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Changes In Name / Address Form

When a teacher changes their name as a result of a change of marital status or by some other legal process, Name/Address Change form must be completed and forwarded to the Human Resources Services Department. Instructions on the form indicate whether pertinent legal documents need to be attached.

Changes In Classification (Certificate and/or Category)

When a teacher gains additional qualifications which result in improved classification, they must submit to Human Resources Services a copy of the new certificate or category card received, so that salary may be adjusted.

The current salary agreement must be adhered to in respect to deadlines for submission.

It is to the teacher’s advantage to submit to Human Resources Services, using the “Teacher Review Request” forms, evidence of additional course work successfully completed after appointment to ensure that the record of their qualifications are kept current.

Personnel Files

Each teacher has the legal right to examine at any time their own personnel file, which is retained in the Human Resources Services Department. Administrative/Board officials, may examine individual teacher files, but no unauthorized person may have access to a teacher’s file without the express permission of the teacher concerned.

Modification to this document is not permitted without prior written consent from the Greater Victoria School District.


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Adopted:          March 7, 2022
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