Regulation 3545.25 Overnight Accommodation




The Principal must be assured that: all plans and accommodations for students meet the intent of providing a safe and comfortable setting for students; supervising teachers/designated alternates/supervisors maintain the standards expected; students have constant access to one or more of the accompanying adults; contingency plans are in place to provide students alternate accommodation if their assigned placement(s) is/are deemed unsuitable.  Overnight accommodation can include host school gymnasiums, hotels, campgrounds, billeting or any other group or individual approved accommodation placements.

I    Prior to a Trip Requiring Overnight Accommodation

A.    a) The School Field Trip Request form (Regulation 3545.2, Attachment 4) must be completed by the Principal/supervising teacher.

b) Certificate of Parental Authority (Special School Journeys) (Regulation 3545.2, Attachment 8) and the Student Overnight Accommodation form (Regulation 3545.2, Attachment 11) must be completed.

c) An itinerary outlining all activities including free time, accommodation, details such as name, address, phone number including that of supervising teacher.

d) There must be adequate notice given to parents/guardians to provide appropriate supplies for their children’s needs.

e) Any volunteer wishing to serve as a student chaperone on overnight trips, must submit a criminal record check to the principal.

f) Expected conduct would be reviewed with regard to the planned field trip and signed by students and parents/guardians.  (*See example, page 3). The Student Overnight Accommodation form (Attachment 11) will be completed by parents/guardians and returned to the school.  The school will keep the original and provide a copy to the staff member in charge.

g) Whenever possible, two or more students should be assigned to an accommodation.  Where single placement is required both student and the parents/guardians must be notified of the arrangement in advance of the trip.

h) All supervisors must have a composite list of names, phone numbers, medical numbers, medical conditions, and placements of students.

II   Prior to a Trip Requiring Billeting

A.    a) The Student Overnight Accommodation form (Attachment 11) will be completed by parents/guardians and returned to the school.  The school will keep the original and provide two copies for the staff member in charge; one of these copies will be given to the billeting family.

b) A copy of the Expected Standards for Billeting Families (see page 3 of this Regulation) will be provided to parents/guardians of individual students and to the billeting families.

B.    All supervisors must have a composite list of names and phone numbers of billeting families.

III During the Trip

a) If changes to accommodation arrangements occur during the trip, they must be approved by the supervising teacher.  Major changes will be reported to the school.

 b) The supervising teacher or a designated alternate must be available at predetermined times for a students or billeting family’s phone call.  Schools may want to obtain use of a cellular telephone to ensure contact.  Students must be provided with phone number(s) of the teacher and/or supervisor.

c) When home placements are for more than one night, the supervising teachers or designated alternatives must arrange daily talk with students.


Please refer to: Regulation 3545.2(a) Field Trips (attachment) (Attachments 4, 8 and 11)


Greater Victoria School District

  • Adopted:    October 26, 1998
  • Revised:      April 2006
  • Revised:      September 2011


Expected Standards for Billeting Families

The billeting families are expected to:

  1. ensure that billeted students are appropriately supervised during their stay.
  2. report any concerns to the supervising teacher.
  3. provide a safe and monitored environment for students.
  4. ensure that the rules specifically set out by the supervising teacher are adhered to.
  5. arrange for meals as agreed.
  6. provide access to a telephone so students can remain in contact with the supervising teacher and/or their parents/guardians.
  7. arrange for transportation by an adult as agreed.
  8. report illness or injury to supervising teacher.
  9. have a copy of the school’s code of conduct.
  10. have the itinerary.
  11. have a copy of the signed Students Overnight Accommodation Form.
  12. billeting families are expected to be parents/guardians who have children enrolled in school.


     1 copy to parents/guardians

     1 copy to billeting families



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