Regulation 3517.1 Security – Keys / Code Access

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All keys and code access in the Greater Victoria School District shall fall into two categories – exterior and interior.

Issuance of exterior master keys and code access shall be the responsibility of the Facilities Department.

The loss of any key, fob or code access shall be reported immediately to the direct supervisor who will then promptly notify the Facilities Department (Operations Section).  A decision will then be made as to the changing of locks or code.  This normally will only be done when an exterior door key is missing.

The cost of replacing a lost key and/or changing locks or codes may be levied against the school.

Requests for replacement or additional interior keys or codes shall be made to the Facilities Department (Operations Section) by the Principals who will then be responsible for the distribution to teaching staff or to the Custodian who will then be responsible for the distribution to Facilities staff.

Interior and exterior master keys or code access shall not be loaned under any circumstances.  The issuance of interior group keys shall be the responsibility of the Principal concerned.  The loaning of interior keys shall be the full responsibility of the person that they were originally issued to.

Teaching and support staff shall surrender all school keys/code access to the Principal upon termination of employment at the school.  A report must be filed by July 5 by the Principal with the Facilities Department (Operations Section) of all keys not surrendered.

All keys/codes are the property of the Greater Victoria School District and all keys/codes, be they additional or replacement, shall be issued by the Facilities Department.  Unauthorized duplication of any keys is prohibited.


Greater Victoria School District

  • Approved:     May 1972
  • Revised:         June 1980
  • Revised:         June 2014


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