Regulation 3510.11 Safety of Personnel

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School Staff, Pupils and the Public

The Occupational Health and Safety Committee should conduct regular inspections of the site and make recommendations to eliminate observed hazards.

All staff should report potential hazards to the custodian or a site health and safety committee member as soon as practicable.

The custodian in the performance of their duties in the school should, at all times, be watching for conditions that are, or could become dangerous to those persons who use the building. The custodian should also make periodic inspections outside the building as to conditions of walkways, stairs, and bicycle racks, etc., to ensure that such areas are in a neat and safe condition.


All oily wiping rags are to be disposed of immediately after use. Non-refillable pressurized containers and other similar materials must always be disposed of in accordance with environmental regulations.

Dumpsters must be kept locked.

Gas mains in the schools should be checked regularly for leaks and all gas shut- off valves kept in good working condition. The custodian should instruct all custodians on their staff as to the location and operation of these valves.

Boiler and furnace rooms must not be used as storage areas for combustible materials. Fire doors between the boiler or furnace room and the interior of the building should be kept closed at all times.
Electrical appliances such as hot plates, kettles, coffee makers, microwaves, etc., must have CSA approval and be kept in good, safe working condition at all times. This is the responsibility of all staff.


The custodian is to inspect fire alarm batteries regularly, keep wet batteries charged and replace dry batteries annually. The custodian is to test the fire alarm system once per week by opening a different “Break Glass” station each test. This may be done with the proper key or a screwdriver, thus avoiding breaking a glass each time. Faulty equipment is to be reported to the Maintenance Division immediately.


The custodian shall test a different location weekly by means of the test button or by disconnecting the power. Weak or faulty lighting is to be reported to the Maintenance Division immediately.


Fire sprinkler system water lines must be kept under full pressure at all times. The shut-off valves to these lines must be kept clear and free. The custodian is to instruct their custodial staff as to the location and operation of the fire sprinkler system, also the location and operation of valves connected with it. Damaged, leaking or blown sprinkler heads are to be reported to maintenance and replaced immediately, care being exercised in seeing that the replacement is of the required size and temperature setting.


Exit routes must be kept clear whenever the building is occupied. Nothing must be allowed to obstruct or partially obstruct any doorway, passage or stairway that might be used as an exit route. Any such dangers must be drawn to the attention of the principal by the custodian, and, if necessary, the Supervisor of Operations.


Non-automatic smoke doors must be kept closed at all times except when traffic is actually passing through. These doors must not be wedged open by any means whatsoever.


Water Pump Type

The custodian is to inspect and test these extinguishers at regular intervals. They are to be emptied and refilled annually and kept full at all times. The custodian
is to requisition replacement equipment for any of these units that become rusty,
pitted or have faulty pumps. Damaged or faulty equipment is to be reported to
Maintenance immediately.

Chemical Type

All chemical type fire extinguishers are to be checked regularly. The date and particulars of service must be entered on the card provided on each extinguisher and signed by the employee doing the job. The custodian is responsible to see that this servicing work is done, and to requisition it if necessary.

Fire Hoses

All fire hoses are to be checked annually for general condition. They are to be pulled out, inspected, and if in good condition, recoiled in the correct manner so that, in case of an emergency, they will uncoil without kinking or knotting. Faulty hoses and fittings are to be replaced immediately.


The custodian shall draw up and post in the boiler room operating instructions for the heating plant, preventative maintenance schedules, and cleaning routines for each member of their staff that will be sufficient to enable a substitute custodian to operate the plant.

Greater Victoria School District
Approved: August 1971 (as 3510.1b & c)
Re-numbered: April 1976
Revised: October 2000
Revised: March 2019

Modification of this document is not permitted without prior written consent from the Greater Victoria School District.

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